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The SweetchFull Hub is the main router for the Z-Wave smart home system. 

​The SweetchFull Hub is compatible with most major Z-Wave brands, Wi-Fi wireless connection and it’s also compatible with KNX and VRF systems.

It is working with the Z-Wave Israeli frequency : 916 MHz


Sales Tax Included
  • • Connect the HUB to the power supply and start working
    • One app to view and control all your certified Z Wave devices  using any smartphone or tablet when connected to the internet anywhere in the world
    • Saving money on energy automatically
    • Compatible with most Z Wave devices
    • Wireless communication makes installation a breeze in any home,
    office or hotel
    • Supports multi unit system scenarios based on Z Wave, KNX, Wi Fi and BLE
    • Easy, intuitive setup with a simple check box format adding devices at a later stage is seamless and easy with preconfigured settings for most devices
    • Unique session with SweetchOn switches for accurate shutter level and power consumption data
    • An app that learns customers’ preferences and assists with
    automated activities based on a cloud application combined with
    human technical support offering local and domestic services with a smart yet easy to understand and operate alert system
    • Includes Christian, Muslim and Jewish calendars for accurate
    time based scenarios
    • Full compatibility with LEED and EDGE green building standards

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